Pivot Prepare and Sell in a Recession

Sales is tough enough as it is, and prolonged economic uncertainties make the job even harder. Budgets are reduced or eliminated. Companies evaluate prospective new technologies with greater skepticism or postpone such investments entirely.

With the odds stacked against them, how can salespeople navigate a dicey economy and hit their number during a downturn?

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Jeb Blount, CEO & Founder of Sales Gravy and best-selling author with his newest book, Selling in a Crisis. Jeb along with Will Frattini, Principal, Sales at ZoomInfo will share concrete tips for how sales professionals can prepare and sell in a recession.

You’ll learn:

  • What key characteristics of any downturn sales teams should be aware of, be prepared for, and why
  • The differences between coaching well-seasoned vs newer reps
  • How sales teams can be equipped to stay motivated and hit quotas
  • Concrete tips for how sales professionals can prepare and sell in a recession

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