2023 Digital Engagement Benchmarks

How webinars and content experiences performed in 2022 and what marketers can look forward to in 2023

Marketing innovation is a slippery slope. Push too far beyond the tried-and-true tactics, and you risk missing that quarter’s pipeline target. Pivot constantly and you never get a chance to build a foundation for scale. Stay stagnant, and you can lose pace with competition, or even worse, become irrelevant and disconnected from your prospects and customers.

That’s why benchmarking our marketing is so critical — it gives us a way to understand the industry baseline so we can set attainable business targets and make measurable progress toward success. Benchmarking helps us build realistic plans with predictable outcomes, and drive alignment across our go-to-market functions. And, with benchmarks in place, we have the opportunity to optimise our digital channels, so we can figure out where to get quick wins while building toward long-term revenue goals.

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