Taking the leap.

The new reality of travel and hospitality customer experience.

Travel and hospitality is experience-driven in its bones, it always has been. But when over half of customer interactions are through digital channels, and only 17% of companies describe themselves as ‘very advanced’ in customer experience (CX), are the remaining 83% still truly “experience-driven”?

As travel and hospitality companies emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic, more and more are realising that getting back to business isn’t as simple as reopening. In fact, thriving in Travel and Hospitality now depends on the ability to meet customers’ new, Covid-accelerated digital expectations.

In the time these travel and hospitality businesses have been away, a gap has opened up between their existing Customer Experience capabilities and their customers’ expectations: 65% of hospitality and travel organisations agree that customer expectations are now further ahead than their current digital capabilities. They now face the challenge of finding a bridge across this CX gap—because being an experience-driven firm is no longer a luxury—it’s a business imperative.

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