Taps, Clicks, Bricks

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Is the New Brand Superpower

Today’s commerce superheroes all share one superpower: a deep knowledge of their customers. In this e-book, we reveal how today’s most successful brands have acquired this knowledge across three major channels: mobile (taps), desktop (clicks), and physical locations (bricks). We present research on modern consumer preferences for learning about, purchasing from, and engaging with retailers across these channels. And we cover five key steps you need to take to achieve retail and brand success in 2018.

Download this e-book to discover:

  • How buying is changing: 67% of consumers meet brands on mobile
  • The new retail: Silicon Valley and Main Street are converging
  • Why signed-in experiences matter for mobile app and mobile web
  • Omnichannel playbooks from today's top brands
  • Five crucial components for e-commerce success in 2018