7 Tips To Help You Adopt Continual Service Improvement By Stuart Rance

If you aren’t continually improving your services, your processes, and your technology, then at best you will stagnate, while your competition gradually leaves you further and further behind. Staying still is not an option when everyone else is improving; it’s just a way to gradually decline into irrelevance. Stuart Rance is an ITSM and security consultant, trainer, and author.

Don’t think that CSI is just about processes,or just about the efficiency of the IT department. CSI should help you to achieve things that have a direct impact on your customers. Here’s what CSI can help you do:

  • Review and improve your service portfolio
  • Review and improve every service
  • Review and improve your technology
  • Review and improve your IT service management (ITSM) processes
  • Review and improve the skills and competence of your people