Consumer Identity Management for the CMO, CISO, and CIO

Read this whitepaper to understand the strategic role identity management plays in all parts of the organization to enable delightful end-user experiences. You’ll understand:

  • The importance of Consumer IAM (CIAM) to drive innovation
  • IAM requirements for the CMO, CIO, and CISO
  • How Okta is addressing modern use cases on one platform - B2E, B2B, B2C, and IoT

When it comes to consumer businesses, customer expectations have changed. Consumers are demanding service on their own terms, their own schedule, just in time, and on their mobile.

Cloud. Mobile. Digital. It’s hard to turn a corner today without hearing something about these technology trends. It’s at the top of the CEO agenda for good reason. It is hard to find an industry or sector in the economy today that is not being disrupted by software.

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