Financial Services Toolkit

Financial Services Toolkit

Few businesses have faced as much change in such a short period of time as financial services firms. Rapid technology innovation, combined with deregulation, has turned a once-conservative industry into a breeding ground for disruptive change and cuttingedge experimentation.

As a Deloitte report, Banking Industry Outlook: Banking Reimagined, notes: “Disruption in banking is a topic du jour.“

This is an environment where opportunities abound — but it is also one where competition is fierce, and where businesses must operate efficiently and execute flawlessly in order to succeed.

This presents a challenge for an industry where a technology-friendly image doesn’t always mesh with day-to-day reality. Financial services firms of all sizes, for example, continue to use productivity tools illsuited for today’s dynamic, information-rich business environments. Many tools also impose hardware, software licensing and management demands that consume IT resources and create security risks.