Customer Journey Analytics 101

Quantify the customer journey & customer experience with tangible metrics, actionable data and real results: The essential guide for marketing & CX

In 2018, understanding your customers’ journeys as they interact with your brand across touchpoints and channels is paramount for driving optimal business results. But with traditional analytics methods and tools, this can be a near-impossible task.

In this information-packed eBook, you’ll discover how leading marketing teams are adopting cutting-edge customer journey analytics technology to integrate their entire martech stack and get powerful, real-time insights for understanding their customers’ journeys, and applying a new journey-based approach to measurement, optimization and customer engagement. You’ll learn:

  • How a customer journey based approach is vital for impacting key metrics such as revenue growth, churn rate, and customer lifetime value
  • What customer journey analytics is, and how teams are using it to improve results
  • Why traditional analytics tools are no longer enough, and how journey analytics succeeds where legacy tools fail
  • The major differences between journey analytics and journey mapping, and how to use them together for maximum impact
  • Five key business benefits of journey analytics, and practical real-life use cases

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