Choosing the Best Hybrid eCommerce Platform For Your Business

Best practices for selecting a hybrid eCommerce solution right for you

It’s time, you’re ready to explore new channels and grow your business. Maybe you’re a B2C company looking to add wholesale options or a B2B firm wanting to reach consumers directly. Either way, it’s time to explore the technology requirements to help expand your business.

Selecting the right hybrid platform can feel daunting because you’ll be evaluating two sets of features. But it’s worthwhile in the long run to reduce costs, simplify product management, and drive growth.

This guide will help you navigate the evaluation process with content including:

  • A comprehensive feature checklist including payment, checkout, shipping and data reporting options
  • Guidance on mobile optimization and leveraging Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Advice on content management, personalization, and deployment
  • Tips for investigating the partner and developer ecosystem surrounding a platform
  • Performance and security requirements to keep top of mind

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