How to Build a Trusted Data Foundation to Power Your CRM

Your guide to understanding and fixing-bad CRM data.

It's architecture 101: You can't build a sturdy house without first laying a solid foundation. The same rules apply to the metaphorical house of B2B businesses-you can't build a healthy CRM without sourcing high-quality data.

And yet, so many companies overlook this crucial step. According to DataFox, critical CRM systems operate with 30 to 50 percent bad data. The longer a business operates on bad data, the quicker their 'house' deteriorates. High-quality data requires time, effort, and maintenance, but the reward is alignment across teams and departments, increased efficiency, and more closed-won opportunities.

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  • The impact of bad data on marketing and sales performance
  • Four types of bad data
  • Actionable steps to maintain a healthy CRM database

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