Shining a light on counterfeits

Fakes, an artist's worst nightmare

The challenge

Designer and CEO David Trubridge first realized he had a counterfeit problem when he saw a company exhibiting a booth full of his lights at the 2014 Hong Kong Lighting Fair. To solve this issue, Mr. Trubridge and his team hired a law firm. However, this process proved to be long, expensive and, ultimately, ineffective, as copies of his designs continued to be sold on online marketplaces.

The solution

After spending a considerable amount of time and up to $150,000 in legal fees, David Trubridge looked for an alternative solution and teamed up with Red Points. Our self-learning technology quickly began searching the web to detect, report, and remove counterfeits. During the process, the David Trubridge team was able to view and validate identified incidents in real-time to keep track of removals.

The result

Within six months of using our service, 92% of infringements had been eliminated from online marketplaces, making it virtually impossible for knockoffs to reach consumers. Our platform allowed Mr. Trubridge and his team to have a clear picture of the severity of their problem and where their brand was most at risk. Red Points continues to protect the brand and remove fakes.


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