Delivering Exceptional Results with Voice AI: A Case Study by Replicant and DoorDash

DoorDash chose Replicant's voice AI technology to power calls previously made by offshore call center agents. Within the first three months, Replicant's voice AI was 94% as effective as offshore agents, resulting in higher cost savings and greater customer satisfaction.

DoorDash saw an opportunity to drive down costs by automating the tedious process of calling merchants, which would also ensure customer orders were placed faster than before, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

DoorDash chose to partner with Replicant’s state-of-the-art voice AI to place 100% of eligible phone orders to restaurants on behalf of DoorDash customers. Within six weeks of launching, Replicant’s Thinking Machine™ went from making zero outbound calls a day to over 35,000 calls.

Download the case study to discover how DoorDash was able to:

  • Significantly reduce operational costs using voice AI
  • Elastically scale to meet demand head-on during order peaks and lulls
  • Improve the agent experience and customer experience with higher efficiencies and order accuracy