The Accelerated Buyer: How Personalised Content Journeys Impact the Buying Process

Click on a link today and an ad is bound to follow you. Search for a product and it may pop up on social media. Today’s consumers understand how online advertising works: highly curated advertisements are presented according to their personal preferences and taste. This trend is no longer limited to the consumer space.

B2B organisations are following this same trend and beginning to focus on customer- centric strategies, rather than simply focusing on product offers.

With the right digital tools, such as ON24 Target, marketers can easily leverage engagement insights and deliver personalised journeys through curated campaign experiences. Interactivity within an experience builds on audience insights, allowing marketers to deliver content that hits the bullseye, every time.

This report contains insights on:

  • Personalisation Impact
  • Moving Beyond Outbound VS Inbound
  • Integrated Content Experiences