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The End of Third-Party Cookies: What's Changing for Brands, Advertisers, and Marketers

Third-party cookies have long been prevalent in the marketing and advertising worlds. But as we move towards the deprecation of third-party cookies, brands, advertisers and marketers need to make changes to their advertising, re-marketing and awareness strategies. Leveraging identifiers, collecting first-party data, and building trust with your customers is critical in 2021 and beyond.

What do you need to know? What should you be asking your digital marketers or agencies? What strategies should you put in place now to prepare for the end of third-party cookies? How will this look different for your audiences?

In this session, we'll review the timeline for third-party cookie removal, what marketers need to know, and strategies to implement today to prepare for tomorrow.


Alex Cash

PreferenceChoice Offering Lead

About Alex

Alex Cash is the Offering Manager for OneTrust PreferenceChoice – part of the #1 most widely used privacy, security and governance technology platform.

In his role, Cash oversees the global OneTrust PreferenceChoice team and works with emerging and enterprise companies on best practices to drive engaging user experiences and build trust while demonstrating compliance across 100s of global data privacy regulations, including the CCPA, TCPA, CASL and GDPR. Cash is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) and frequently speaks at industry events, including global PrivacyConnect, PublisherConnect, and Marketing Master Class workshops, where he provides deep insight into regulatory issues and practical approaches to compliance.

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