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After losing out on millions of dollars to counterfeits, DOPE solved the issue with Red Points

The challenge

In the last 10 years, since DOPE was created in California, the original team crew has experienced a lot of different challenges. When they first noticed fake products of their brand, they took it as flattering. If people in other countries are copying you, you must be doing something right. Soon, though, they realized that the problem was hurting their brand.

The solution

DOPE’s first reaction was to apply traditional IP protection to their assets online, but they quickly realized that the solution wasn’t sustainable. DOPE spent up to $150,000 in legal fees, only to find out that it was incredibly ineffective. It was only when they found out about Red Points that he really understood the size of the problem.

The result

After only 3 months working with Red Points, DOPE realized that they had lost millions of dollars to counterfeiters. That’s because in such that short period of time they managed to remove over 11,000+ infringing listings from websites and ecommerce platforms. DOPE is so satisfied with Red Points’ solution that they have recommended it to several other brands.


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