The Total Economic Impact of The IBM Automation Platform For Digital Business

In 2017, a large claims department of a major insurer still used a 100 % manual, paper-based system to process claims. From reporting claims to writing checks, the whole process required at least one human action at each step. An entire segment of the business had missed the automation revolution.

The automation revolution is like the Industrial Revolution, far-reaching, inconsistent in growth, sometimes messy and inevitable. It’s gone beyond creating efficiency and cutting costs. And companies in nearly every industry are using it to help drive growth. Whatever you think about automation, it’s bigger now, permeating every type of work. As a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO), or someone with similar interests, you’ll need to master what automation can and can’t do for your business.

Use this guide to help you get to the truth about the urgency, the value, the opportunities and the limitations related to automating work. And find tips for choosing the right technology solutions

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