Modernize application infrastructure with IBM Cloud Private

Digital transformation is essential for companies to stay competitive.IBM Cloud Private is helping businesses around the globe and across industries to modernize their traditional IT and simultaneously launch new workloads into the cloud to support business.

It's a top priority for many enterprise CIOs and IT leaders looking at ways to use cloud technologies while grappling with the need to maintain traditional hardware and software inside their own data centers for data security.

This need led to the birth of hybrid cloud, a mix of public and private clouds working in harmony to deliver cloud-native experiences over which enterprises have full control.

IBM Cloud Private enables Businesses to:

  • Develop cloud-native applications and modernize their applications with the flexibility to deploy them in a private cloud setting or in their public cloud of choice with the same workload

  • Built on open source frameworks including Docker containers, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry, it offers flexibility, control, security and easy integration with public cloud

  • Its comprehensive integration capabilities enable enterprises to build and manage workloads that can securely work with AI/cognitive or big data processing cloud services

  • IBM Cloud Private can be installed on a wide range of enterprise systems such as OpenStack, virtual machiness, P and Z systems, or any leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS)