Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites

Gartner defines an iBPMS as a type of high-productivity (low-code/no-code) application development platform. An iBPMS enables dynamic changes in operating models and procedures, documented as models (process flows, business rules, decision models, data models, etc.), directly driving the execution of business operations. In turn, business users make frequent (or ad hoc) process changes to their operations independently of IT-managed technical assets such as integration with external systems and security administration.

iBPMS use actionable, real-time insights from operations intelligence to augment the orchestration and automation of adaptive business processes. They help application leaders deliver better business results by improving and transforming business processes.

Dowload now to learn how your organization can bebefit from using an iBPMS:

  • Manage the reinvention of existing business processes and the creation of novel business processes in support of both digital optimization and digital transformation efforts

  • Support top-down and bottom-up redesign of its business operations and processes

  • Improve the business outcomes of all types of work, not just structured and repeatable business processes