Today, simply setting up a webinar isn’t enough. Companies must deliver great webinars that really stand out. Webinars have become our best tool for generating leads, accelerating the pipeline, and the educating our customers and prospects. As more and more marketers come to rely on webinars to engage with their key audiences, the competition for their time and attention intensifies. In order to stand out, you have to do something special to engage your audience.

What makes a successful webinar? Well, that depends on who you ask. For webinar audiences, success is defined by the value of the content and the quality of the experience. For webinar producers, success may be defined by the number of attendees and the quality of the leads. Unfortunately, even with clearly defined goals, many webinars fall short of success. This paper will show you how to avoid the 10 most common webinar mistakes and reveal best practices on delivering a stand-out event.


  • Webinar promotion best practices
  • Strategies to build an engaged audience
  • Enhancing the audience experience
  • Getting the most out of webinar leads

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